Native Plants

Would you rather spend every weekend mowing, or enjoy a leisurely landscape? Take back your weekends by planting with a blue thumb, for cleaner water. When you landscape with native plants, your yard will need less mowing, fertilizers and pesticides. And native plants use less water, so they’re good for your wallet and the environment.



Impacts of Litter

We all want our communities to look attractive and have safe, enjoyable  recreational spaces. Littering is a surefire way to make our communities unattractive, degrade water quality, and siphon the fun out of recreational experiences. Improve your community — STOP LITTERING!




Pick Up After Your Pet

Every time it rains, thousands of pounds of pet waste wash down storm drains and into streams, rivers and lakes. If not disposed of properly, pet waste flows directly into nearby streams and creeks without being treated at wastewater treatment facilities. The proper way to dispose of pet waste is in the trash.